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Shop Rite and Tobacco Plus service and low, low prices

We bring you all your tobacco products at the lowest possible prices, with service that our competitors can only dream about.

There are 59 Shop Rite and Tobacco Plus stores throughout southern and central Louisiana. We also have a wholesaling division that supplies tobacco products to many other stores throughout the State. That gives Shop Rite/Tobacco Plus enormous buying power which we pass on to you. We are able to beat our competitors for price every time.

You can shop right every time at Shop Rite/Tobacco Plus for all your tobacco products and accessories. We Shop Rite all the major cigarette brands as well as the lesser known brands. We have a complete range of the finest cigars kept fresh for your smoking pleasure, a wide selection of pipe tobaccos, all the best chewing tobacco brands and a staff committed to service.

And if you need a new pipe, you can find just what you are looking for at a Shop Rite/Tobacco Plus store.

We are your one stop shop with everything the smoker needs from cigar cutters to pipe cleaners; from the finest Dominican cigars to a complete range of cigarette lighters.

America is famous for its production of the finest tobacco leaf that has been grown on both continents since about 6000 BC. In fact there are drawings of Mayans smoking pipes dating back to 1400 BC and smoking as a religious ritual has held an important place in native American cultures for over 4,000 years.

Tobacco was an important factor in the foundations of our country, going all the way back to those first settlements in Jamestown.

We also have a tradition at Shop Rite and Tobacco Plus: To provide the best products at the lowest prices with service others can only dream about.

So the next time you need gas, smokes, snacks or almost anything else, you need to shop rite at Shop Rite/Tobacco Plus.