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Visit Shop Rite--- for the best beer, the finest wines, your favorite spirits, and liquors at the lowest prices possible.

There are 59 Shop Rite/Tobacco Plus stores strategically located throughout south and central Louisiana where we offer a complete range of the best in alcoholic beverages.

We stock all your favorite local brands of beer and an extensive range of imported brewed beverages from all over the world. When it comes to getting a bottle of your favorite frosty brew we’ll give you what you are looking for with the service you deserve.

Shop Rite also stocks a range of fine wines from California to Australia, from South Africa to Chile. Whether you are looking for a good red to drink with that steak tonight or a chilled, crisp white wine to sip before your meal, we have what you are looking for at a price you can afford. Fine Chardonnays, Rieslings and Sauvignon blancs ranging in style from bone dry to sweet: a full spectrum of reds including Californian Merlots, Sirahs and Cabernet Sauvignons. We have them all.

And your local Shop Rite store keeps a selection of liquor, liqueurs and spirits: Bourbon, Whisky, Rum, Vodka, Tequila Ports and Sherries. We have what you need at the prices you can afford.

When you have that next party or gathering, choose from the Shop Rite range of liquor, spirits, wine and fine cigars.

You will shop right at Shop Rite. We guarantee it.